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About Us





We understand the financial products distribution business very well. Established contacts and relationships with emphasis on sales/marketing positions: including, wholesalers, institutional sales, pension sales, product development, national key accounts, and sales management.

Focus solely on investment products sold through intermediary retail distribution channels: including, mutual funds, annuities, retirement, managed money, and alternative investments.

Over 30 years of experience helping clients:

  • Formulate compensation and performance management strategies
  • Develop base pay and bonus/incentive programs
  • Link sales force efforts to organizational objectives
  • Find, select and hire top industry talent


We are better able to partner with our clients. We take the time to get to know and understand our client's needs:

  • Commitment, strategy, strength and tenure of management
  • Goals
  • Corporate culture
  • Start-up vs. existing

Leveraging our industry knowledge:

  • National database of industry relationships
  • Understand industry segmentation — investors and channels determine product and packaging
  • Understand process and subtleties of selling and servicing the different intermediary distribution channels
  • Leading provider of proprietary, wholesaler-specific sales and compensation reports


Clients benefit from our whole range of services:

  • Evaluation Expertise: 1) Territory, product and distribution channel focus; 2) Production, ranking and sales goal achievement; 3) Compensation; and
    4) Competency matrix
  • Market Knowledge & Research: 1) Connected to industry professionals nationwide; and 2) Publish a series of proprietary reports that examine product distribution analysis results and their implications for sales strategy
  • Strategy Development Experience: including, external benchmarking, market mapping, channel segmentation and targeting, incentive plan design and management, sales force sizing, territory alignment, and quota setting