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Executive Search




As executive search professionals, DGL understands the complexities of the financial services industry.

Retained Executive Search is more comprehensive, detailed, and specific.

DGL initiates the search process by having a thorough understanding and agreement with the client of the organization, the position, and the required specifications. We meet with each new client to detail position specifications and become acquainted with the members of the team. A realistic appraisal of the difficulty in finding the right candidate and the cost to attract that individual is provided. The search fee is a fixed amount quoted prior to the commencement of the search.

DGL conducts personal interviews, thorough reference checking, selection of the most promising candidates, and preparation of a written offer. Throughout the selection and interview process, DGL stays in close communication with the client. A Candidate Synopsis is provided to detail Work History, Performance, Credentials, Earnings History, Strengths/Weaknesses and Social Style.