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DGL conducts Custom Compensation Surveys, which enable clients to obtain access to industry specific jobs that tend not to be in Standard Surveys. They allow for the collection of relevant and comprehensive compensation data from a select peer group of companies in order to examine the relationships among the various elements of the total pay program, address specific issues, capture market-based compensation data and determine market competitiveness.

Nationally recognized as an authority on compensation for the retirement services, mutual fund, variable annuity, life insurance and managed money industries. For over thirty years, DGL has consulted on salary benchmarking, incentive plan design and management, pay structures, job evaluation and competencies, performance management, and quota setting.

The sales compensation plan creates a critical link between sales strategy and performance. DGL process:

  • Peer Group Selection — develop list of potential survey participants
  • Project Scope — select positions and job matching for compatibility, determine data inputs to achieve business objectives, and set timeline
  • Solicitation — secure participants
  • Questionnaire Design — finalize submission design and instructions
  • Data Collection — field survey
  • Cleaning — examine responses for incomplete or inconclusive data, verify discrepancies with participants, and perform validation checks
  • Analysis & Reporting — convert participant data into statistically relevant data for final report




Defined Contribution (401k, 403b & 457 Plans) Retirement Sales Compensation Survey:
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