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Scheduled Release: 2017-2018 August 2018
Publication Price: $2895.00

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Summary: Providing relevant and comprehensive information supporting the marketing/sales strategies unique to: Annuity, Managed Money, Mutual Fund and Retirement Services, plus ETFs and Life Insurance.

Our authoritative and practical Survey examines the relationships among the various elements of the total pay program. The information is assembled and organized from our Sales Compensation Questionnaire, which is completed by participating companies; plus extensive field and telephone interviews are utilized for both collection and validation of data.

Each section in this timely resource is generously charted to make reading and comprehension easy.

Valuable features include:

  • All elements of pay... Base Compensation — Commission and Bonus; Total Cash; Expenses — Travel and Entertainment; and Benefits — Dental, Disability, Life, Medical and Retirement
  • Position specific for... Support Function — Inside Sales, Sales Desk Manager, Compliance Officer, Operations Manager, and Administrative; Field Sales Function — Wholesaler; and Staff/Management Function — National Account/Channel Manager, Product Manager and Sales Manager
  • Data specific by Product, Company Size, Distribution and Phase of Market Development
  • Total Cost of Distribution — Basis Points of Expense; Staffing Ratios; and Sales Production Volume
  • Long-Term Compensation: Deferred Compensation and Long-Term Incentive

Online Compensation [Login]

Purchase of the Annual Sales Compensation Survey entitles confidential "user/password" accessibility to interactive compensation models. Your data — Base, Incentive, and Total Cash calculations — is readily compared specific to Product, Company Size, Distribution, and Phase of Market Development industry benchmarks.




Sales Compensation Survey & Analysis
2017-2018 Annual

Wholesaler Group Size & Compensation:
Mutual Funds | Annuities

Defined Contribution (401k, 403b & 457 Plans) Retirement Sales Compensation Survey:
Small to Midsize Plan Markets
Large Plan Markets

Cost of Distribution:
Mutual Funds | Annuities

Analysis of Sales Force:
Mutual Funds | Annuities